Chocolate Olivers

Chocolate Olivers


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200g Chocolate Olivers

Rich, dark chocolate, generously enrobed around a crisp slow-baked biscuit Chocolate Olivers are the ultimate biscuit indulgence, made using a patented recipe from the 1930’s, which includes hops and malt, with the thickest, richest dark chocolate.

These biscuits are infamous – in fact it is said that John Lennon of The Beatles once refused to be paid in cash, preferring Chocolate Olivers instead!

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INGREDIENTS: GB: chocolate 70% (minimum 52% cocoa solids, contains sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), wheat flour, salted butter, palm oil, glucose syrup, malt extract, skimmed milk powder, dried yeast, dried hops. Contains wheat, gluten, soya, milk. Manufactured in a nut environment.

2 reviews for Chocolate Olivers

  1. marcus_sulivan

    I don’t really like dark chocolate but the fusion of the dark chocolate and Oliver biscuit moves this up to another plane. Kit Kat’s are great for a break but this biscuit rounds off an evening with indulgent sophistication…..if you can get them

  2. nipuns.icloud

    Where do I start.. My Grandpa (Mums Dad), worked at a British Company (Asbestos Cement Limited, which manufactured Corrugated sheets in Mumbai, India) Since the early 80’s, Since I was born and went to school; my mums dad (Grandpa) in India, we were a family fond of the evening Tea Time and Biscuits. He kept saying time and again that back in the early 70’s he was gifted a box of Huntley and Palmer’s Biscuits and were the most amazing biscuits he’d ever tasted. It’s a name we as kids had only heard. Time went by and it was around 2004 when I got the golden opportunity to visit and work in London (England) and lived there for over 12 years. During this time, my Grandpa become quite old, and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Once will not believe this but with each passing day he remembered very few things, one of which was guess what ? The box of Huntley and Palmer’s Biscuits he had back in the 70’s. In his last days, I was to visit him in India and during that time, upon much research and the help of my friends at Fortnum and Maisons; we managed to find a box of the Choclate Oliver biscuits and took these to him. Upon seeing him, his eyes gleemed with delight seeing the box of Biscuits. He tried reading each of the words “Huntley and Palmer’s” on the label and had tears of joy in his eyes. I can never forget that moment and felt relieved that I was able to get a piece of something glorious from his younger and fitter days which he enjoyed and talked about for more than 30 years. God Bless you guys for bringing the old glorious memories back from my Grandpa.

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